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Wednesday 3 June 2015

Five Bugles Opens Minnesota Office

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June 3, 2015

Five Bugles Design announces New Location in Minneapolis, MN

June, 2015 – Five Bugles Design, a division of ADG Architects is pleased to announce the official opening of its Minnesota office.

Market Sector Leader Michael Clark, who joined Five Bugles Design in May, will lead project management and support from the Minneapolis area office.

Mr. Clark’s 28 year career has focused almost exclusively on projects in the public sector and includes management positions with prominent architectural firms. Five Bugles looks forward to his professional contributions in programming, planning and architectural design of Public Safety Facilities with an emphasis on Law Enforcement and Fire Departments, as well as Municipal and Governmental Facilities.

Five Bugles Design provides planning and design services solely to the public safety service industry. The design team is comprised of members whom, both collectively and individually, are among the most experienced emergency service facilities design professionals in the United States.