Architectural Design for Public Safety

Middleton Fire Station and EMS Facility

Location: Middleton, WI

Architect: Steve Gausman

Fire Services Specialist: Ed Mishefske

Project Manager: Robert Krzyzanowski

Project Size: 40,000 SF

The City of Middleton requested a “turn of the century” design theme to occupy a prominent site that acts as a gateway from Highway 14 to the city. Two separate facilities were constructed, one to house the city’s full-time EMS staff and another to house the volunteer fire department. At 40,000 SF. the volunteer fire station is one of the largest volunteer stations in the United States. Designed to LEED Silver Self Performing – 100-year lifespan. The station received Fire Chief magazine’s National Silver Design Award in 2009.

(This project is the personal design experience of Steve Gausman, Ed Mishefske, and Robert Krzyzanowski while employed by another firm.)